About us

Savi Gems started off with sheer fascination for colours, the varied hues & tones of Gemstones enchanted me, I also learnt that each crystal has healing properties & gemstones can heal an individual physically & mentally. How an individual gets attracted naturally to the gemstones of ones destiny ! So started to collect crystals & create jewellery to adorn without thinking that it might turn into a business some day. 

To satiate my thirst for perfection joined hands with local artisans, watched them work hard for hours. A thought of improving & honing their skills could work wonders creeped in, hence ideas started to take shape and thus Savi Gems was born in 2004 as an export business, never to look back. Orders followed, more skilled craftsmen joined in and produced Handcrafted items.

With unrelenting efforts & dedication of our artisans we have reached the international markets competing healthily, participating in UK & USA in many exhibitions and trade shows.

We are humbled by the constant support of our valuable customers, retailers & wholesalers throughout the world, as we continue to grow we seek to improvise as per the needs of our customers, with constant interaction. 

With the encouraging feedback received, the journey of the Artisans, Customers and Savi Gems continues with our handcrafted gemstone Sterling Silver jewellery reaching across the globe.

We seek to grow with our Artisans, Fair Trade Practices,Congenial & Hygienic, Healthy work environment has been a part of Savi Gems work culture and a must for our loyal craftsmen who create a simple piece of silver jewellery into a masterpiece to treasure forever. 

For more information mail us at info@savigems.com