Amethyst Tree 925 Sterling Silver Earring

Savi Gems

  • $19.50

925 Amethyst Tree Sterling Silver  Earring

Amethyst is a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciousness, meditativeness, balance and inner peace. One very important feature of Amethyst is to serve as a stone of transfiguration and transformation, bringing harmony and peace wherever needed.

The tree of life may be spiritual jewellery to some but for others it stands for their journey through life. People start as babies (seeds) and with nourishment they will grow into a mature adult (tree). The branches stand for the many different paths we take in a lifetime.

  • Length 2 inch
  • Width 0.65 inch
  • Material - 92.5 Sterling Silver / Solid Silver
  • Gemstone - Amethyst
  • Natural Stone - Yes
  • Metal Stamp - 925

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